34: just a quick thought cos I’m sleepy tonight

I was driving home from work, listening to a podcast yesterday evening when I heard the following story.

It was 1957 when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, humankind’s first-ever artificial satellite.

A couple of physicists were eating lunch in John Hopkins’s Applied Physics Laboratory when they heard the news. Continue reading “34: just a quick thought cos I’m sleepy tonight”

33: thinking to death


For the past couple weeks, I’ve been grappling with a difficult decision that I may soon have to make.

Along with it came an intimidating concoction of difficult emotions with which to wrestle as a part of the decision-making process. Continue reading “33: thinking to death”

31: happy happy joy joy


I waded out until the warm, pristinely blue water rose to my waist.

Then I turned to face the beach and lowered my body gently until I was kneeling.

I was warm, and there were large silver fish flitting around me, always within arm’s reach, but too quick to actually grab.

I was having trouble controlling my breathing. My heart rate was a little high, and I had wandered alone down the beach as far as I could go without leaving the resort. And now I knelt, submerged up to my shoulders in the Gulf of Mexico, and I tried very hard to empty my mind and take in the beautiful tropical paradise in which I found myself. Continue reading “31: happy happy joy joy”

30: the hardest job with the longest hours that goes entirely unpaid

After yesterday’s post, I spent much of the rest of the day continuing to think about human systems and how odd so many of them are.

For example, compensation. Continue reading “30: the hardest job with the longest hours that goes entirely unpaid”

29: the earth is property to be bought and sold.


Most are probably aware, in a broad sense, of the events that have been unfolding recently in the Midwest because of a certain crude-oil transporting pipeline and a certain tribe of continental natives who feel as though its construction violates their property rights.

If you haven’t heard about it, just do a quick search for “DAPL” and I’m sure you’ll be bombarded with information from every perspective. Continue reading “29: the earth is property to be bought and sold.”