13: dog days of winter

I spent most of my evening diddling around on the guitar, and time tends to get away from me when I do such things.

So no long, thought-out musing tonight. Instead, I’ll leave you with the lyrics to a song I wrote. At some point I’ll get a recording up as well, but after several failed attempts at capturing one of satisfactory quality, I decided to hold off til another night.

A little background on the inspiration for the lyrics;

I used to have a couple of good dogs. Max passed away in July 2015. Casey left us back in October of this year.

One of my favorite pastimes, in any season, but particularly winter, was to take them out walking through the woods behind our house.

It was always a very peaceful way to decompress and appreciate one another’s company. I loved to watch them trot around and sniff everything and just enjoy being alive.

I strive to emulate the simple joy of a dog.


“dog days of winter”

you used to take up space
occupied more time in my mind
in our home
I light fires and catch your ghost
in the smoke

you used to love this place
breathed it all in, smiled at everything
at nothing at all
the snow is painfully silent now
as it falls

I can still feel your eyes
they followed me all around the room
even when you went blind
and laid around all afternoon

they took you too soon

dogs walking in the snow
Casey & Max, circa 2009

3 Replies to “13: dog days of winter”

    1. I guess I wasn’t really reading it like song lyrics either interestingly. I think it’s deeply thoughtful and there are rhymes that I barely noticed on my first read that connect the verses/stanzas in a really beautiful way.

      1. Dude thanks! One of my biggest struggles lately has been with poetry/lyrics. Everything I write I immediately hate.
        Putting it out there for others to read helps me shake that petty mindset, and given that I know you’re an incredible poet, I consider that high praise.

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