23: new year’s resolution

I’m not a strong proponent of the “new year, new me” mantra.

On the contrary, I’m trying to make small changes in the way I think about my life so that I like the “old me” a little better. I’m training myself to feel more comfortable in my own skin.

As a part of that effort, I’ve resolved to do a few new things recently.

This blog was certainly a resolution.

Fed up with calling myself a writer who never wrote anything, I had considered a lot of ways to bust out of that rut.

Personal journals never worked – I was relying far too much on random spurts of inspiration that would last maybe a day or two at a time and then fizzle out for weeks.

Going from never writing at all to dropping a couple hundred dollars on a domain name and committing myself to publishing 500 words every single day was a huge change for me.

And it’s brought with it some unexpected smaller changes. Daily, I find myself reflecting more carefully on my thoughts, moods, and actions. I’m opening myself up to whoever cares to read what I have to say, and making myself more vulnerable in the process.

But before, all of these thoughts would have stayed bottled up. And it’s liberating to put them out there for the world to see. Ideas I thought could never mean anything to anyone have ended up touching people and sparking conversations.

That’s been awesome.

So now, nearly a month into my personal challenge, I’ve started to consider where to go next.

Idk anything has served primarily as a blank slate for me to splatter my thoughts all over – I write about whatever’s on my mind that day, and there’s no overarching theme or connection from post to post.

But already, I’m learning. It really has been a challenge to adopt this habit, to come up with a topic every day, to motivate myself, maintain a positive attitude, and open myself up to an audience.

And it has struck me that this blog can be (and maybe already has been) a platform for me to teach others as I learn.

So I don’t have any concrete goals yet, but they’re formulating in my mind as days go by, and I have cool ideas brewing that I’m itching to try.

It’s truly exciting.

I also resolve to more confidently pursue my dreams. I’ve often been far too quick to ditch a cool opportunity or idea because it seemed too difficult or unattainable.

But this year, I want to try more. Do more. Think just as much, but don’t leave those thoughts festering.

I’m glad that I have a few regular readers (hi, Ma) that can come along for that ride with me.

So I’ll leave you with this offer – if you have any resolutions that you want to follow through on in 2017, let me know. I’ll be here to encourage you along the way.

I owe it to you for being my motivation so far.


I'd love your feedback. Srsly.