42: look at the moon, look at the roof


When I started this blog, it was because of a creative block.

Some artists describe their block like a wall they cannot scale nor move around. They’re trapped on one side of the wall, inspiration is on the other side.

Personally, I feel more like I’m trapped under a steel dome. Within me, a fire of passion and desire to create burns very weakly, suffocated by a dome of writer’s block from the fuel of fresh, gaseous inspiration.

However you think about it, I assure you it’s frustrating.

And in addition to a writer of prose, I used to think of myself as a decent songwriter. I used to have pages and pages of lyrics, chord progressions, little guitar riffs and piano parts that I would obsess over.

But in the past couple years, I’ve really struggled to feel like myself in that realm.

My flame for writing has been fueled by this blog, which drills bigger holes in the dome every day.

Songwriting, however, isn’t helped much. It’s got a different vibe, with different emotions, and blogging can’t quite do the trick.

Luckily, when it comes to songwriting, I don’t ever have to go it alone.

Those who know me might know that I’m in a band.

If not, I’ll use this post as a shameless plug and put a few links at the bottom so you can look into us.

MOONROOF (previously The Big Picture) is my favorite creative pursuit.

There is nothing quite like getting together with four of your best friends to create one piece of art, be that a recording of a song we’ve written together or a live performance or a music video.

Where I fail sometimes to produce songs on my own, collaborating is a different animal.

For one thing, we all have very different musical tastes. Our vocalist looks up to pop and R&B singers. Our guitarist is a fan of shoegaze indie rock. Our drummer listens to rap. The list goes on, and it’s an eclectic one.

But these five very different musical backgrounds and worldviews combine, along with our propensity to get along naturally as a team, to complete this one, singular creative force.

We call that force MOONROOF.

One of us will bring a fragment of a song to the table. Sometimes it’s a cool guitar riff. Other times a funky bass line or a rhythm on the drums. Maybe it’s lyrics or a vocal melody.

Alone, these fragments don’t seem all that interesting – but what’s beautiful about the band is that everyone immediately gets excited and very supportive when someone comes up with an idea.

And then we build. Layer parts upon parts. Brainstorm stories and lyrics together. Test, critique, refine and repeat.

We seem to write a new song just about every time we all get together. And it’s a beautiful process that inspires and motivates me to be a better musician, just to make them proud.

Even if you’re not musically inclined, I recommend collaborating on a project with people whom you have a similar connection. Perhaps you know another writer who can co-author a book with you. Maybe you want to start a business and need a partner.

Anyway, I’ll end here for tonight. Below are some links you can follow if you want to hear our music or find out about upcoming shows!



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