53: closed doors

Today I have what is much less a blog and much more a song I wrote.

As you may know, I play guitar in MOONROOF, a spacey indie-pop/rock band. We write songs together and it’s a whole lot of fun, but on occasion I like to strike out on my own and write something by myself.

When I was in high school writing music was  a huge coping mechanism for me when I was feeling overwhelmed with emotion, and I wrote a lot of songs.

Nowadays, much like with the rest of my writing, I find that songwriting doesn’t come quite as naturally as it once did.

But the other night, fueled by frustration, I created this:

“Closed Doors” resulted from an issue I’ve been grappling with, lately.

It’s very difficult, when you have perspectives and opinions that deviate from the mainstream, to get people to really listen. I think most folks find it far too easy to just dismiss contradictory views as stupid, silly or wrong.

I’m inclined to believe that this is an issue that permeates society at all levels, because I see it constantly on my Facebook feed with regards to the extensive number of politically-charged issues and stories that people talk about regularly.

In the song, the narrator is unsure where he fits into society, and when he attempts to share his perspectives with others that he meets, he gets shut out.

He’s unsure why this is, though – he’s given people no reason to believe that he’d harm them, and wants only to be seen as a fellow human being.

He feels he has something valuable to contribute to society, and he vows to share what he knows with someone before parting this Earth.

Let me know what you think of the song and the message, and whether you feel that society has gone down the path I think it has. I want to be optimistic!


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