54: why I love a dark and dreary day


How ’bout that weather, eh?

Disclaimer: I acknowledge that, yes, it is still winter, and yes, it might be a little weird that Pennsylvania has seen so many warm, humid days recently. Some more informed folks than I probably see cause for concern. Who am I to say?

I am qualified to say that days like today are among my absolute favorite kinds of day, speaking in terms of the weather. Continue reading “54: why I love a dark and dreary day”

43: the only human in the world

I wonder what it is that makes it so incredibly easy for us to dehumanize one another.

We can stare another member of our species in the face and feel no empathy, no relation to them despite our common DNA.

Through screens, from great technological and geographical distances, it becomes all the easier to detach and attack. Continue reading “43: the only human in the world”

38: substance

Seems as though a lot of people are into expressing their ideological and political opinions as of late.

I have to leave town for band practice in an hour or so, and I spent my day at a beer tasting extravaganza.

So I’ll keep this brief.

Disclaimer: I’m slightly drunk writing this blog. Continue reading “38: substance”

37: my flat earth


There are some who say we’re all connected.

That the universe, infinitely vast as it is, is all rooted in one, singular consciousness. The singularity. Continue reading “37: my flat earth”

36: today i briefly emerged from my comfort zone


Last night I sleepily rambled on about being frustrated and uninspired.

While I’m no stranger to feeling down in the dumps, I’ve decided that I really don’t want this blog to be where I take out my personal frustrations on the world. There’s enough negativity going around online, and I’d like to contribute to the digital conversation in a more positive way.

So, rather than mope around about my lack of inspiration, allow me to present a solution. Continue reading “36: today i briefly emerged from my comfort zone”