33: thinking to death


For the past couple weeks, I’ve been grappling with a difficult decision that I may soon have to make.

Along with it came an intimidating concoction of difficult emotions with which to wrestle as a part of the decision-making process. Continue reading “33: thinking to death”

24: i care what you think

As my first full month of blogging comes to a close, I’ve been reflecting back on this project so far and trying to organize my thoughts – what lessons have I learned? What goals should I set for the future?

I think it’s important to establish both. Already I have seen some level of personal growth and development. I am developing a healthy habit, thinking more critically, doing more self-evaluation.

I also want this to grow into something bigger than it currently is. Just what, I haven’t yet decided. Continue reading “24: i care what you think”

21: the incredibly stupid things that molded my childhood


I work in what could be considered kind of a rough neighborhood. Lot of boarded up windows, torn up sidewalks, that sort of thing.

Not too long after I was employed, a woman was beat up and mugged in our parking lot in the middle of the afternoon.

So now we’ve got guys installing new locks and security cameras all over the building to keep our staff, volunteers, and class participants safe.

But outside the scope of those cameras, the neighborhood remains the same. Continue reading “21: the incredibly stupid things that molded my childhood”

20: Rogue One was exactly the Star Wars I hope it would be

Darth Vader

Guys, I really love Star Wars.

It’s a franchise chock full of endlessly diverse worlds, hundreds of unique characters and storylines, and action that ranges from spaceship dogfighting to hand-to-hand saber duels. It’s a classic tale of good VS evil, a struggle for liberty from an oppressive government, with plenty of sci-fi tech and mystical religious magic thrown in.

And this has been a very Star Wars week for me.

I’m fresh off seeing Rogue One this evening, and yesterday Carrie Fisher departed this world (and I have so many Facebook friends who are just in such agony over this).

Just a day before that, I was sitting in a restaurant debating prequels VS originals and discussing opinions on the newest films with my best friend, whom I’m pleased also really loves these movies.

I was going to write a post about my cynicism over people’s’ meme and clickbait-ridden reactions to celebrity deaths – but given that Ms. Fisher only just passed yesterday, out of respect I’ll keep that one for another day.

So first, let’s talk about that new movie.

I won’t spoil anything here that isn’t, as I understand, already pretty common knowledge. Mostly I just want to say how much I loved this movie.

Despite being a “spin-off,” it nestles into the storyline perfectly as the direct prequel to the original Star Wars film, now called Episode IV: A New Hope.

Did you ever think to yourself, “Gee, that silly Empire sure did make it easy to destroy the Death Star!” I certainly did. But Rogue One  did a fantastic job of addressing that plot hole and filling it in with a conflicted, passionate storyline.

We meet the engineers behind the ultimate weapon, as well as the team behind the procurement of the weapon plans for the Rebel Alliance.

The main character, a young woman named Jyn Erso, does not immediately align herself with any particular side. She has suffered loss and pain throughout her life, and wants nothing more than to live and be left alone.

But she quickly finds herself entangled in something much larger than herself – she finds a cause to believe in, a goal to work towards, and her sense of what is right and wrong in the galaxy comes to light right before our eyes.

Jyn is not the only character that undergoes this sort of transformation, and one of the highlights of this movie is a large cast of protagonists that are not conventional “heroes.”

What’s more, Rogue One does not disappoint in its repeated nods to the original films. I see no need to list every cool cameo and easter egg scattered throughout – the true fans can spot those on their own. But I was more than thrilled with the callback to the original Rebel fleet, and particularly with the two major appearances by everyone’s favorite bad guy.

I was deeply satisfied by the end – no stones were left unturned, every major character served his or her purpose, and sweet justice was delivered to those who deserved it.

Rating: 10/10. Big time wow. So good.