44: treat your mind like a puppy on a leash

I’ve always thought of meditation as very cool.

Think of the old enlightened sage, perched atop a mountain, peddling out infinite wisdom to those heroes who make the journey. The go-to person for a calm, rational piece of timeless advice.

Rather than aspiring to be the hero, I always skipped right past to aspiring to be that sage. Continue reading “44: treat your mind like a puppy on a leash”

43: the only human in the world

I wonder what it is that makes it so incredibly easy for us to dehumanize one another.

We can stare another member of our species in the face and feel no empathy, no relation to them despite our common DNA.

Through screens, from great technological and geographical distances, it becomes all the easier to detach and attack. Continue reading “43: the only human in the world”

42: look at the moon, look at the roof



When I started this blog, it was because of a creative block.

Some artists describe their block like a wall they cannot scale nor move around. They’re trapped on one side of the wall, inspiration is on the other side.

Personally, I feel more like I’m trapped under a steel dome. Within me, a fire of passion and desire to create burns very weakly, suffocated by a dome of writer’s block from the fuel of fresh, gaseous inspiration.

However you think about it, I assure you it’s frustrating. Continue reading “42: look at the moon, look at the roof”

41: beam me up


I do a lot of driving.

My commute to work is an hour each way. I’m in a band that practices anywhere between an hour and 2 hours away from my house. I’m in a long distance relationship, separated from my significant other by 200 miles.

So, suffice to say, I’m constantly dreaming of the day that teleportation of humans and objects is possible. Continue reading “41: beam me up”

40: three allegedly self-evident truths

I started reading a book recommend to me by my mother: The Four Doors, by NYT bestseller Richard Paul Evans.

The book claims to be “a guide to joy, freedom, and a meaningful life.”

Though, admittedly, what I find most attractive is that it practically fits in the palm of my hand and looks like I could read it in an afternoon.

I often find a lot of beef with self-help books. Whether any one particular set of guidelines is going to lead me to meaning and happiness is always questionable. Continue reading “40: three allegedly self-evident truths”

39: clearing up some misconceptions about the Women’s March


For the past few days I’ve been completely inundated with media related to the Women’s March on Washington, D.C. and its sister marches in cities all over the globe.

Continue reading “39: clearing up some misconceptions about the Women’s March”