about this blog

I’m Nick, and I’ve long identified as a writer.

In fact, I write for a living, for businesses as a marketing professional. That’s work, however, and not necessarily intellectually stimulating much of the time.

IDK anything is my personal, yet altogether rather public, piece of Internet real estate. It fills for me a creative void, and I hope it will fill for you a void you had no idea existed in your life.

A void into which I will funnel my ideas about the world, and thoughts I feel are worth thinking. Thanks for being here.

Me, settling in to open your mind.

HISTORY of IDK anything

In late 2016, I was having a sort of existential crisis because, despite my self-identification, I was never actually writing anything.

So IDK anything started as a personal project, its aim being to get me writing daily. Not about anything in particular, just whatever captured my attention at the time.

I set sights on a full year of daily posts – a goal which, after about a month, promptly devolved into “whenever I could find the time” and finally into “long-term hiatus.”

The following summer, I picked it back up, with a new focus on more thoughtful, weekly pieces rather than daily ones. That’s where we are now.

If you enjoy my writing or want to respond, please comment, share, or just leave a little like! I get back to just about everyone, and I enjoy the ensuing conversations.

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