about this blog

Thanks for being here!

I’m Nick, and I’ve long identified as a writer.

I write for a living, actually. But I started this blog because, in my spare time, I was never writing. Part of me just wasn’t sure what I should share with the world. But the other part of me just wanted to share something.

I diagnosed myself with “writer’s block,” a phenomena which I no loner believe in. But as long as I had myself convinced of this writer’s block, I allowed it to grow and compound over time until it was crushing me. I was pretty depressed.

So, in late December 2016, I took up a challenge for myself.

I created this website and vowed to write a new blog post every day…

For a year.

Daunting, yes, but it went well for a few months. Then I got a full-time job, moved away from home, and my priorities started to rearrange.

But I still have plans for this blog. I’m not allowing myself to abandon it – I already paid for the domain!

I write about things which interest me. Sometimes it’s a relevant current issue that has me preoccupied. Sometimes my ramblings are somewhere betwixt philosophy and science. Sometimes I like to review a piece of art, music, film or literature which I’ve recently consumed. Occasionally I post poetry or lyrics I’ve written. And all other times, I’m just telling stories from life.

If you enjoy my writing or want to respond, please comment, share, or just leave a little like! I get back to just about everyone, and I enjoy the ensuing conversations.

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