53: closed doors

closed door

Today I have what is much less a blog and much more a song I wrote.

As you may know, I play guitar in MOONROOF, a spacey indie-pop/rock band. We write songs together and it’s a whole lot of fun, but on occasion I like to strike out on my own and write something by myself. Continue reading “53: closed doors”

42: look at the moon, look at the roof



When I started this blog, it was because of a creative block.

Some artists describe their block like a wall they cannot scale nor move around. They’re trapped on one side of the wall, inspiration is on the other side.

Personally, I feel more like I’m trapped under a steel dome. Within me, a fire of passion and desire to create burns very weakly, suffocated by a dome of writer’s block from the fuel of fresh, gaseous inspiration.

However you think about it, I assure you it’s frustrating. Continue reading “42: look at the moon, look at the roof”