57: forging a new trail

I detest small talk, particularly about the weather, so excuse me for this: the weather yesterday was absolutely beautiful, right?

Sunny, nearly cloudless skies; warm and breezy, but not too much so of either. Excellent.

And because of that, I was posed with a bit of a dilemma. Continue reading “57: forging a new trail”

4: belly scratch

Tonight I can’t sit still.

I have far too much on my mind, and my train of thought keeps leaping from one track to the next with a will of its own, and I can’t just write about one thing for very long. Continue reading “4: belly scratch”

3: my first real job interview was a scam

I’m trying to move out of my parents’ home.

This has proven no easy feat. In the seven months I’ve been out of school, I’ve interviewed at a grand total of 5 companies.

If that number seems low to you, trust me – I feel the same way. But when I got out of school, I vastly underestimated just how frustrating a job search can be.

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