57: forging a new trail

I detest small talk, particularly about the weather, so excuse me for this: the weather yesterday was absolutely beautiful, right?

Sunny, nearly cloudless skies; warm and breezy, but not too much so of either. Excellent.

And because of that, I was posed with a bit of a dilemma. Continue reading “57: forging a new trail”

53: closed doors

closed door

Today I have what is much less a blog and much more a song I wrote.

As you may know, I play guitar in MOONROOF, a spacey indie-pop/rock band. We write songs together and it’s a whole lot of fun, but on occasion I like to strike out on my own and write something by myself. Continue reading “53: closed doors”

36: today i briefly emerged from my comfort zone


Last night I sleepily rambled on about being frustrated and uninspired.

While I’m no stranger to feeling down in the dumps, I’ve decided that I really don’t want this blog to be where I take out my personal frustrations on the world. There’s enough negativity going around online, and I’d like to contribute to the digital conversation in a more positive way.

So, rather than mope around about my lack of inspiration, allow me to present a solution. Continue reading “36: today i briefly emerged from my comfort zone”