56: if you could give up one of these physical needs, which would you choose?

human body x ray

I was asked this hypothetical question the other day:

If you were able to give up the physical need for one of the following, and had to choose one, which would you choose?

  1. Eating
  2. Breathing
  3. Sleeping

It’s an interesting question. Each choose comes with certain benefits and pitfalls, and each poses difficult mechanical questions. Continue reading “56: if you could give up one of these physical needs, which would you choose?”

22: happy old year

Alright get ready for a cynical post. But also a positive one.

I already missed yesterday’s post due to my currently being in a location with pretty limited Internet connection this weekend – but I’ll do my best to stick to schedule. Continue reading “22: happy old year”

16: starting the day off right

Lately I’ve been really pushing myself to create a morning routine.

I currently don’t really have one – I’ll laze around on my phone, wake and and doze off again, lie around thinking about how I don’t feel like going to work or doing whatever else it is I have to do that day.

So I often end up rushing around in order to get out the door on time. I have to skip over things that I find important, but which aren’t absolutely necessary. Continue reading “16: starting the day off right”